30.04.2014 Russian Helicopters deliver Ka-32A11BC to Shanghai

30.04.2014 Russian Helicopters deliver Ka-32A11BC to Shanghai

The Ka-32A11BC is certified in China and boasts a wide array of potential uses on the regional market, where demand for helicopters boasting broad, universal application, is constantly on the rise.

The helicopter is excellently suited to Chinas mountainous regions and modern cities, thanks to its unique coaxial rotor design, enabling it to take off and land in small, unequipped, locations, and to manoeuvre in mountainous or built-up urban environments.

The Ka-32A11BC is designed for special search and rescue operations, firefighting missions, and medevac flights. These helicopters are also widely used in construction work on tall structures, transporting cargo internally and on an external sling, and logging.

The Ka-3211BC is ideally suited for firefighting and rescue operations in Chinas high-rise urban centres. It can operate for prolonged periods in very smoky and dusty environments. The firefighting Ka-322A11BC boasts an impressive array of additional specialised fire fighting equipment, including water cannon for horizontal fire fighting, the Bambi-Bucket and Simplex systems.

Thanks to this wide spectrum of technical features, the multirole Ka-32A11BC boasts a breadth of operation unparalleled by any other multirole helicopter world over.

Chinas fleet of Ka-32A11BC helicopters is growing rapidly to meet rising demand.

A Ka-32A11BC operated by Chinas State Oceanographic Directorate recently found itself at the centre of the worlds media attention. In early January 2014, it played a key role in rescuing passengers on the Academician Shokalskiy vessel, which had become trapped in Antarctic ice.

In addition to China, the Ka-32A11BC is certified in EU countries, Chile, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, Australia and several others.

Various versions of Ka-32 type helicopter are operated successfully in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Chile, China. Today, over 140 have been produced, half of which are operated internationally.

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