27.12.2013 Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter enters into service  with the Russian Defence Ministry

27.12.2013 Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter enters into service with the Russian Defence Ministry

The Ministry of Defence tested it in various conditions and developed a dedicated training and support base. This work was carried out jointly with specialists from the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, which developed the Mi-28N Night Hunter, and the Rosvertol aviation plant, which has series produced the helicopter since 2005. Russian Helicopters has, to date, delivered several dozen Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters to the Russian Defence Ministry.     

The fact that the Defence Ministry has officially accepted the Mi-28N testifies to the fact that the Night Hunter meets the requirements for a combat helicopter, has passed all the necessary tests, and is ready to enter into service with the Russian Air Force, Alexander Mikheev, CEO at Russian Helicopters, said. Russian Helicopters companies are not only successfully fulfilling the state defence order, they are continuously striving to improve and modernise combat helicopters, and thereby to strengthen our countrys defences.

The Mi-28N Night Hunter meets all current combat helicopter requirements, and has roused interest among potential customers. The export model is known as the Mi-28NE Night Hunter.

Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters boast superior flight capabilities, allowing it to perform aerobatic manoeuvres. The legendary Golden Eagles (Berkuty) helicopter aerobatics team have flown Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters since 2012.

Russian Helicopters is constantly working to further hone and improve the flight capabilities of the Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopter. A special Mi-28N with dual controls was created for pilot training, which completed its first flight on 9 August 2013.

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