The South American country says it is planning to send one of its latest and largest military aircraft, a KC-767 Jupiter tanker/transporter, to the Air Tattoo on July 20-21. The aircraft will come from 811 Transport Squadron based in the countrys capital, Bogota.
Last year, the Colombian Air Force made its European airshow debut at the Air Tattoo, sending two aircraft: a small T-90 Calima trainer and a colourfully-painted C-130H Hercules on the 5,200-mile trip to the UK.
Colombia has one of the best equipped and trained air forces in South America and, among its many roles, plays an important part in fighting drug-related terrorism.
Air Tattoo Chief Executive Tim Prince said: Last year, the Colombians sent one of the most eye-catching aircraft we have seen at the Air Tattoo for a long while and we wait with bated-breath to see what touches down in July!
Its not every year that we get the opportunity to welcome aircraft from South America. Im delighted that they found last summers visit to us so valuable and enjoyable that they are keen to make the long journey once again - with an even more exciting aircraft.
The Air Tattoo is the worlds greatest airshow and is staged in support of the RAF Charitable Trust. Julys event will feature a thrilling seven-hour flying display, a large static aircraft park and a wide range of interactive family entertainment. For a full list of all the visitor opportunities and to purchase Earlybird tickets, visit airtattoo.com all under-16s go free.

For further details, please contact RAFCTE Head of Media and Public Relations Richard Arquati on 01285 713300 ext 5361 or email press.man1@rafcte.com

10 Things You Didnt Know About Colombia

    The official language is Spanish
    Independence from Spain was won in 1819
    Its the 26th largest country by area.
    The word Colombia comes from Christopher Columbus
    It is bordered by six countries
    It is known as the leading source of emeralds
    Former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya hails from Colombo.
    The yellow in the national flag represents all the gold found in the country
    Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins is married to Colombian Stella Arroyave
    Latin American singer Shakira is Colombian.


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